Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Walrus King

King Walrus came to my dream last night and issued some orders like for example writing something in the blog and so on.

Well Walrus king has great significance and history. He is a creation of the wild imagination of Bidisha. Bidisha is an artist in the real sense. She creates her idea from scratch and is able to put it across in forms of pictorial depictions and words as and when her heart demands.

A day follows

Todays is a lazy Saturday and it is after a long time that I will experience being in the apartment with nobody. Being alone is one thing and being lonely is another. I have not felt lonely in a while primarily because loneliness is something that you can put away with working harder than necessary and not having enough time to think or feel.

Well I am happy on this German summer morning. Let me digress a little and tell you about the summer in Frankfurt well there are about 5 days of summer that one can feel and then there is rain. The summer days did get as hot as 34C and now of course it should be about 17C now.

This morning I worked on Updating MasterCard BINs in the processing system and it has been a nice slow process. I do plan to go out in the evening with some of my friends to the Festival at Mains. The day is full and relaxed. No stress of having any implications that are serious by not doing something that is planned in the day... well other than call Bidisha. She will chew me alive if I miss out on the weekend. I hate myself for it as well when I have just no clear plan and want to get the right time slot and the right frame of mind and then mess it us for me and for her.

Each time I think I see years that have passed by with hopes that will materialize soon. Living with your love is so demanding in some common peoples lives. Well that is all for now.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I had an accident today. Was simply on a straight road, and this guy came from nowhere on my left and went bang in my car. Then he tried to get away. I just cut him off, made him come out and then he comes and says where did you come from? Its all your fault!!! I couldn't believe it. I was shaking and scared and this guy was just nuts. This old 60s looking guy, with a nice car, a PO Box address and a liar! I called the insurance person first, just to know what to do... it was a nightmare. Thankfully no one was hurt, the driver door end and the left rear end of the car were completely bumped in, and it just missed me - the driver. I am really happy about that. Anyways reported everything, this guy was just being a jerk, inventing one lie after the other. First it was you were coming out from some school so I didn't see you, then it was like you were in the wrong lane! Any excuse he gives will anyways look foolish, because in any of the cases I have the right of way... but more than anything else, its just sad. That he can't take the blame for his mistake, can't accept that he could have seriously injured 2 other human beings (me and G were in the car), and wonder what values he can pass on to his family...that anything is okay.. you can lie your way out of anything. He tried to tell me I look too young- am a high school student, oh I am PhD that means I am from high school?, and that oh he is sorry but he will lie anyways, why am I so bothered, the insurance will pay for it, so what the heck. What a creep, just reminded me of slime.

In the meantime car is at mechanic, the insurance will deal with this. I am too tired of talking to liars, and to talk to his lawyer full of more crap, is not something I care to handle.

I am still shaken. and just thankful to be all right at the end of it all.

I was planning to write something else, but I guess things just took a turn.

Will blog when I am feeling better.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Kaushik gets his visa

Kaushik went to the Bosnian embassy in Stuttgart today for his visa. Somehow his travels are much more interesting than mine. He manages to get local people to show him the city in their cars, and then even while playing chivalrous guy to some Serbian lady in distress, manages to meet one who speaks 8 different languages (German, French, English, Russian, Ukranian, Spanish and of course Serbian). Not just that, apart from these local encounters as he is apt to phrase them, he gets to visit interesting places around the world without spending a dime! I am Seriously Jealous!

For now he's been to Congo, Macedonia, Kosovo, next month he goes to Bosnia, Romania, Ghana (maybe?).. and then October, he comes to NY. I am tempted to lock him in my room, feed myself some Polyjuice Potion, and take his place in traveling around the world. The downside is that I should know something about banking systems.. of which I know nothing, just how to use an ATM. Hmmmmm.. will have to keep thinking.

Today I am going to this fundu kebab place for dinner. My stomach aprroves heartily. All I am waiting for now is that phone call from K and P.

Good night.

Yesterday was a wonderful day

Yesterday I went to my university to drop off my thesis. It was as usual last minute panic - because after the defense which I did on April... I was too busy being relieved that the ordeal was finally over ... to make the necessary corrections soon. Also I had the inevitable visa problems to fall back upon, so it was like even if I did the corrections I can't hand it in till my work permit comes so why should I. So of course I didn't. Anyone will tell you, I am never very proactive, even if its for my own good :) So finally, the thesis was submitted. As the Grad school person went through the pages, I was crossing fingers and hoping she wouldn't find stupid errors of missing page numbers (that I overlooked somehow), or some wrong commas somewhere... but (a good sigh) there was no such drama. The thing deposited and the binding paid for, I made my way to the main administration building only to be submerged by crowds of new students all bubbly, full of enthu, just droves of them in groups, making their way to different orientation venues. Then, it hit me... I had really finished. It was done. I had started on this exact same day (15th August, it was symbolic to me), slightly scared, but very confident of what I wanted, and how I was going to achieve it. Then of course once PhD starts, and you are in the middle of it, its a different world altogether.... research has a mind its own, and it tends to dictate one's life a bit more than one would want it to. But at last one day when its finally over, its the sweetest day of all. Not that it feels different, but yesterday when walking amongst the new voices of campus, I was glad that I was not one of them, I would not trade this new cynicism for any of the idealism before starting my PhD, that my job here was over and life could go on again... with a husband and a better paycheck! Happy independence day to me!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

New parents wanted

©2005 Universal Press Syndicate
I love Calvin and Hobbes, and this strip is one of the best. If you subscribe (free) to ucomics, and chose Calvin and Hobbes they send you a free strip everyday by email. Its a nice start to a day.

I remember watching the movie"Bread and tulips" and there was this scene with a young boy at the back of a car, his parents in front, and him holding a sign reading " New parents wanted"... Didn't we all wish that sometime? :)

Frankfurt evening sky

The winter hit prematurely in Frankfurt is all I can say.This summer only lasted 2 weeks just until monsoon started and will soon blend into winter. I wish we had some more warmer days.

An enquiry

I was reading through the web and I have been finding some concepts that were always existent but somehow came to me in a very light way. is one such site. Small is beautiful, as the name suggests, is about some trends that make the smaller sections of classification function in the unit size to develop and then at the critical point move out of their initial principle. This was my definition of it.

It reminds me of socialistic ideas growing until one part of the group succeeds and then wants to be in a privileged position. When they do not get it as a basis of the idea they started with, they are not in the structure anymore and get capitalistic... and metamorphose into the "winner takes all" economy. This is a logical consequence...

So as I was reading, I found this---

MANAS Journal Online

"MANAS is a journal of independent inquiry, concerned with the study of the principles that move world society on its present course, and with the search for contrasting principles, which may be capable of supporting intelligent idealism under the conditions of the twentieth century."

—from the MANAS publication statement

My question comes back - will we ever find the intelligent idealism? And even if we do find it how long will we contain ourselves in those principles?

Friday, August 12, 2005

Will miss Strand in NY tremendously

Just the fact that I went to Strand in the weekend, helps me get by this week. Utterly frustrating. But I was looking forward to the day at Strand for a long time since the Germany trip, so the weekend was spent well.

I remember the first time, I was in NYC, walking around and glimpsed this bookstore, (the one in Bombay had very fond memories for me)...and it was like a dream come true. Rows upon rows of books, somewhat classified, but mostly left to be discovered as unearthed treasure. I guess I am a nerd :) I can spend my whole day in there, and feel very happy at the end of it.They have recently had rennovations, an entire second floor, and organized their sections and books better, but somehow I liked the more hodge-podge era better. I sure hope, they don't get too organized though I guess it can be a good thing too. I am dreading the thought of surviving in Frankfurt without Strand. So after those shoes, there will soon be even more crates of books in our new apartment. Have to make the most of my time left in NY.

The shoe story

Today Kaushik wrote a beautiful story for me...and my shoes. I guess its a gentle hint that if I carry on at this rate, we will have to shift to a bigger apartment just for my shoes...but its been the gentlest hint anyone has given me for anything so far. To me it was beautiful, and funny and just filled with love. Everytime I look at it, I start laughing.

"I have a nice story to tell you. There was once upon a time a king and he loved hunting. Much like his kind the shooting game was his favorite. He would get his servants to stalk the forest and then go on to shoot deer and elephants and tigers.

One of the days when he was in the forest, he fell off his horse unnoticed. His people were looking for him everywhere and went away because they could not find him. So he had to come back home on his foot. When he got back he had very badly injured feet. He ordered his minister to make arrangements to carpet the whole forest. His minister was very sharp and intelligent. So he did a calculation and found that it would take a few years to complete the whole operation. Instead he took many small pieces of carpet and tied it to the foot of the king. This solved the problem.

Thus shoes were invented. In our house we have one rucksack, full of such inventive pieces belonging to my wife. You can imagine that my wife is as intelligent as the Minister to have thought about shoes. Only issue is that unlike the minister she fell in love with the shoes and acquired so many of them. She has kept all her shoes with her husband and goes barefoot because she loves him and wants him to have all the shoes she owned. She gave them to him for safe keeping and as a mark of love.

Now she has to come to her husband on foot, so she has to buy "some" more shoes to do so and then she will be with him forever. So the story ended... and everybody lived happily ever after."

Kaushik, I love you.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

weekend at last

Friday nights are the best. It seems like you can cram up all the things you have been longing to do throughout the week or more, in the 2 days that transit again to the next week, but of course that never happens! I always leave the weekends to read the books that have been piling up on my shelves for lack of committed time. I hate to start a specially good book and then leave it hanging. There is always this gnawing feeling of "living in another world" in the middle of work. Because of course as an adult, it is expected that you need to go to work, and do it well, and then if you have free time, you can pursue that aching feeling of not getting the time to read enough... wish I was in school again (actually, I don't, who wants to go through the Indian board exams again), just to be irresponsible enough to have a book between the texts in the middle of class. Okay, have complained enough.
The weekend also gives me the time to reach out to other people in the world, rather than the ones in my immediate vicinity, especially the husband, who lives in another continent. Its time to oscillate between never getting off the phone, feeling guilty about not going to the lab at all (though most times the weekends are spent in lab), and the feeling that oh no, its going to be Monday again. And before time slips away even more, I'd better get back to my Ellis Peters :). Cheerio. Don't know about K's plans for the travelogue. As soon as he gets out of his laziness and superabsorbing IT work I guess..

Thursday, August 04, 2005

A good start


I would be happy to introduce us (Kaushik & Bidisha). My wife Bidisha is a neuroscientist and my domain is IT. It has been a long time that we have been planning to have a web presence. Finally on one fortunate night my wife created a space on the web. We have several things that we would like to put up including travelogues. We will start with it soon.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

First Blog

This is my first attempt to go online with a blog-post. Its something that I wanted to do for a long time now, but as always time is an issue. So this afternoon in the midst of head scratching about a new paper, it was time to create a new interest. Hopefully, I will be regular.
The posts can either be by Kaushik or me. Whoever is more upto writing at that moment :)