Saturday, August 27, 2005

A day follows

Todays is a lazy Saturday and it is after a long time that I will experience being in the apartment with nobody. Being alone is one thing and being lonely is another. I have not felt lonely in a while primarily because loneliness is something that you can put away with working harder than necessary and not having enough time to think or feel.

Well I am happy on this German summer morning. Let me digress a little and tell you about the summer in Frankfurt well there are about 5 days of summer that one can feel and then there is rain. The summer days did get as hot as 34C and now of course it should be about 17C now.

This morning I worked on Updating MasterCard BINs in the processing system and it has been a nice slow process. I do plan to go out in the evening with some of my friends to the Festival at Mains. The day is full and relaxed. No stress of having any implications that are serious by not doing something that is planned in the day... well other than call Bidisha. She will chew me alive if I miss out on the weekend. I hate myself for it as well when I have just no clear plan and want to get the right time slot and the right frame of mind and then mess it us for me and for her.

Each time I think I see years that have passed by with hopes that will materialize soon. Living with your love is so demanding in some common peoples lives. Well that is all for now.


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