Sunday, August 14, 2005

An enquiry

I was reading through the web and I have been finding some concepts that were always existent but somehow came to me in a very light way. is one such site. Small is beautiful, as the name suggests, is about some trends that make the smaller sections of classification function in the unit size to develop and then at the critical point move out of their initial principle. This was my definition of it.

It reminds me of socialistic ideas growing until one part of the group succeeds and then wants to be in a privileged position. When they do not get it as a basis of the idea they started with, they are not in the structure anymore and get capitalistic... and metamorphose into the "winner takes all" economy. This is a logical consequence...

So as I was reading, I found this---

MANAS Journal Online

"MANAS is a journal of independent inquiry, concerned with the study of the principles that move world society on its present course, and with the search for contrasting principles, which may be capable of supporting intelligent idealism under the conditions of the twentieth century."

—from the MANAS publication statement

My question comes back - will we ever find the intelligent idealism? And even if we do find it how long will we contain ourselves in those principles?


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