Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Kaushik gets his visa

Kaushik went to the Bosnian embassy in Stuttgart today for his visa. Somehow his travels are much more interesting than mine. He manages to get local people to show him the city in their cars, and then even while playing chivalrous guy to some Serbian lady in distress, manages to meet one who speaks 8 different languages (German, French, English, Russian, Ukranian, Spanish and of course Serbian). Not just that, apart from these local encounters as he is apt to phrase them, he gets to visit interesting places around the world without spending a dime! I am Seriously Jealous!

For now he's been to Congo, Macedonia, Kosovo, next month he goes to Bosnia, Romania, Ghana (maybe?).. and then October, he comes to NY. I am tempted to lock him in my room, feed myself some Polyjuice Potion, and take his place in traveling around the world. The downside is that I should know something about banking systems.. of which I know nothing, just how to use an ATM. Hmmmmm.. will have to keep thinking.

Today I am going to this fundu kebab place for dinner. My stomach aprroves heartily. All I am waiting for now is that phone call from K and P.

Good night.


At 6:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sexy

I like your description of your husband. It looks like have beem missing him a lot. Want to go to Places... believe me you will get your chances too.

You will travel so much and eat all the best food that is available. These IT guys have no idea of enjoyment. They are all workoholics. I wish you a nice day.


Hassan Majhboor


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