Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I had an accident today. Was simply on a straight road, and this guy came from nowhere on my left and went bang in my car. Then he tried to get away. I just cut him off, made him come out and then he comes and says where did you come from? Its all your fault!!! I couldn't believe it. I was shaking and scared and this guy was just nuts. This old 60s looking guy, with a nice car, a PO Box address and a liar! I called the insurance person first, just to know what to do... it was a nightmare. Thankfully no one was hurt, the driver door end and the left rear end of the car were completely bumped in, and it just missed me - the driver. I am really happy about that. Anyways reported everything, this guy was just being a jerk, inventing one lie after the other. First it was you were coming out from some school so I didn't see you, then it was like you were in the wrong lane! Any excuse he gives will anyways look foolish, because in any of the cases I have the right of way... but more than anything else, its just sad. That he can't take the blame for his mistake, can't accept that he could have seriously injured 2 other human beings (me and G were in the car), and wonder what values he can pass on to his family...that anything is okay.. you can lie your way out of anything. He tried to tell me I look too young- am a high school student, oh I am PhD that means I am from high school?, and that oh he is sorry but he will lie anyways, why am I so bothered, the insurance will pay for it, so what the heck. What a creep, just reminded me of slime.

In the meantime car is at mechanic, the insurance will deal with this. I am too tired of talking to liars, and to talk to his lawyer full of more crap, is not something I care to handle.

I am still shaken. and just thankful to be all right at the end of it all.

I was planning to write something else, but I guess things just took a turn.

Will blog when I am feeling better.


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