Friday, August 12, 2005

The shoe story

Today Kaushik wrote a beautiful story for me...and my shoes. I guess its a gentle hint that if I carry on at this rate, we will have to shift to a bigger apartment just for my shoes...but its been the gentlest hint anyone has given me for anything so far. To me it was beautiful, and funny and just filled with love. Everytime I look at it, I start laughing.

"I have a nice story to tell you. There was once upon a time a king and he loved hunting. Much like his kind the shooting game was his favorite. He would get his servants to stalk the forest and then go on to shoot deer and elephants and tigers.

One of the days when he was in the forest, he fell off his horse unnoticed. His people were looking for him everywhere and went away because they could not find him. So he had to come back home on his foot. When he got back he had very badly injured feet. He ordered his minister to make arrangements to carpet the whole forest. His minister was very sharp and intelligent. So he did a calculation and found that it would take a few years to complete the whole operation. Instead he took many small pieces of carpet and tied it to the foot of the king. This solved the problem.

Thus shoes were invented. In our house we have one rucksack, full of such inventive pieces belonging to my wife. You can imagine that my wife is as intelligent as the Minister to have thought about shoes. Only issue is that unlike the minister she fell in love with the shoes and acquired so many of them. She has kept all her shoes with her husband and goes barefoot because she loves him and wants him to have all the shoes she owned. She gave them to him for safe keeping and as a mark of love.

Now she has to come to her husband on foot, so she has to buy "some" more shoes to do so and then she will be with him forever. So the story ended... and everybody lived happily ever after."

Kaushik, I love you.


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