Saturday, August 06, 2005

weekend at last

Friday nights are the best. It seems like you can cram up all the things you have been longing to do throughout the week or more, in the 2 days that transit again to the next week, but of course that never happens! I always leave the weekends to read the books that have been piling up on my shelves for lack of committed time. I hate to start a specially good book and then leave it hanging. There is always this gnawing feeling of "living in another world" in the middle of work. Because of course as an adult, it is expected that you need to go to work, and do it well, and then if you have free time, you can pursue that aching feeling of not getting the time to read enough... wish I was in school again (actually, I don't, who wants to go through the Indian board exams again), just to be irresponsible enough to have a book between the texts in the middle of class. Okay, have complained enough.
The weekend also gives me the time to reach out to other people in the world, rather than the ones in my immediate vicinity, especially the husband, who lives in another continent. Its time to oscillate between never getting off the phone, feeling guilty about not going to the lab at all (though most times the weekends are spent in lab), and the feeling that oh no, its going to be Monday again. And before time slips away even more, I'd better get back to my Ellis Peters :). Cheerio. Don't know about K's plans for the travelogue. As soon as he gets out of his laziness and superabsorbing IT work I guess..


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