Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Yesterday was a wonderful day

Yesterday I went to my university to drop off my thesis. It was as usual last minute panic - because after the defense which I did on April... I was too busy being relieved that the ordeal was finally over ... to make the necessary corrections soon. Also I had the inevitable visa problems to fall back upon, so it was like even if I did the corrections I can't hand it in till my work permit comes so why should I. So of course I didn't. Anyone will tell you, I am never very proactive, even if its for my own good :) So finally, the thesis was submitted. As the Grad school person went through the pages, I was crossing fingers and hoping she wouldn't find stupid errors of missing page numbers (that I overlooked somehow), or some wrong commas somewhere... but (a good sigh) there was no such drama. The thing deposited and the binding paid for, I made my way to the main administration building only to be submerged by crowds of new students all bubbly, full of enthu, just droves of them in groups, making their way to different orientation venues. Then, it hit me... I had really finished. It was done. I had started on this exact same day (15th August, it was symbolic to me), slightly scared, but very confident of what I wanted, and how I was going to achieve it. Then of course once PhD starts, and you are in the middle of it, its a different world altogether.... research has a mind its own, and it tends to dictate one's life a bit more than one would want it to. But at last one day when its finally over, its the sweetest day of all. Not that it feels different, but yesterday when walking amongst the new voices of campus, I was glad that I was not one of them, I would not trade this new cynicism for any of the idealism before starting my PhD, that my job here was over and life could go on again... with a husband and a better paycheck! Happy independence day to me!


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