Monday, September 12, 2005

Being lazy

Haven't written anything in ages, just plain lazy but overworked.

US OPEN is over. I am very happy with the Clijsters win. She truly deserved it. On the other hand, I so wished that Agassi would win. No doubt, Federer played way better, but I was just being sentimental and supporting Agassi. Had gone to watch the quarter final match this time, Agassi vs. Blake, and the atmosphere at the stadium was electric! The match was a good one to go to, but the best part was the overwhelming excitement and tension that comes from seeing sporting events live, and not on TV. Just wish I had the time to go to more than one evening though. Well maybe next time, another Open.

Kaushik is back from Bosnia... Yay! back in contact at last. The only flipside of going to all the out of the way places is the almost total lack of communication, which combined with this long-distance affair is not something that makes me ecstatic. But he's back and thats that. Next time, I want to see the beautiful country he describes, meet the people and have all the wonderful food he claims to have eaten. Really looking forward to traveling with him. But most of all, I will be excited to go to the places where infrastructure is just starting to come up, when there are fresh possibilities of establishing new hope, and to participate in the building process. It is so different from what I do in my own day to day life as a neuroscientist, when days are spent at the bench, analyzing, devising and implementing newer experiments in a specialized field, where you have the vision of the bigger picture, but it doesn't exist right in front of you, everyday. To be in the moment, interacting with people, adapting your plans to include what they think would be more useful to them, and better their situation is application in the truest sense in real time, and its inspiring to have that contact from time to time. I am just happy I will have that, in a few months.

Till then, there are a dozen things to wind up. Its hard letting go of experiments. I can keep planning and doing more and it can never end, till I actually move out and start my postdoctoral research, where there will fresh topics to study and more questions to answer. I am already looking forward to that too. It will be a new chapter!

Meanwhile, there is a new Law and Order episode on TV begging my readily available attention. I intend to watch everyone of them while I am still in NY!



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