Sunday, September 18, 2005

October break

Yay! Kaushik is coming in October for 10 days. Thank God! I was missing him too much. Its worse after we started meeting every 3-4 months, ever since he moved to Europe. Before that, when he was in India, it was like a form of resignation that we meet only once a year or something and there was no way around it, so after the initial period of sharp missing, it was more of a dull ache that I was forced to get used to. But once I knew that we could meet every 3 months, then it was just harder to stay apart. Thats just my personal experience, I am sure its different for other people.

This time, I was thinking he will come only when my residence permit for Germany is done, and we leave together, but he got cheap tickets via Singapore Airlines, and so he comes. Makes me super happy, I am so looking forward to his trip. Might make it to Yosemite with him this time, have to start planning. Will also work better now that there is a deadline.


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