Sunday, September 25, 2005

There are times I feel its been ages since I had a real home. The places I have stayed in the last 8 years - Bombay (my first love), New York (don't even want to predict how much I will miss this amazingly stupendous city) and now Frankfurt, its all fleeting. I still don't know where I will really feel I was born to be. Maybe it never is like that. Maybe its just once you start working somewhere, you start to like the place, create moments of belonging, associations and then its home. You just learn to put down your roots there. Or you chose to work in a place you like, and then the same cycle begins.

But for people who start over again and again, does any place feel like home? Or is it more like this - "As Asians set down new roots around the world, home is no longer a fixed destination, explains Pico Iyer. It is as much a favorite dish, a memory or an idea as it is an old house."

In this article in TIME I found so many resonant thoughts to how I feel. "In this special issue, TIME invites some of the Asian diaspora's top writers to embark on physical and mental voyages of return."

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