Thursday, September 15, 2005

Wednesday night movie

Watched 2046 by Kar Wai Wong.

I found it beautiful, darkly romantic... and haunting. Words are scarce but their paucity is hardly felt. The images convey more than words ever could. Like the cigarette smoke spiraling towards the sky, the tears on the android's cheek, the "Metropolis" effect to visualize 2046, all in parallel with the 60s era in Hong Kong (which incidentally reminded me of nights in Calcutta) accompanied by a stirring background score with individualized themes for each of the beautiful women whose memories are linked to 2046. Mesmerising.

Some moments remain seared in memory -

* Chow's fountain pen poised on a blank sheet of paper, after he is requested to change the ending of his story to a happy ending. Moments slip by, the nib remains poised and the paper blank. He cannot bring his pen to change the ending.

* "Love is all about timing. Finding the right person before or after the moment is just loss in life."

* When the android in Chow's sci-fi 2046, loses "andriodness" in a capacity to feel just for a very short but memorable while.

* The balcony of the hotel, where characters are silhouetted against the evening sky. One by one they all go away, Chow remains, alone and lonely.

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