Thursday, October 27, 2005

There is an ache in my heart today,
and only your hug could make it go away.
A big smile at the airport, a wave and your big smile.
Through the security,
Watching you, aching to have you back.
You turned at every step.
Flight no. 25, Singapore Airlines took you in.

The phone speaks your voice.
I hug the pillow.
But I wish, I so wish,
that this ache in my heart would just go away.


Its been 8 years living apart. Out of necessity, out of stupidity. Would think its easier now that we think we will be together soon. But visa troubles have been plaguing for ages now, and every step is a battle. But the smiles and joy remain. There is still a song in the heart - that of being together. Hope... that its soon, very soon.


At 6:47 AM, Blogger sinusoidally said...

I can relate to you at some level. Him and I used to live apart too and it was painful, the seperation, the longing and sad goodbyes at the airport. We are still apart but at least in the same country.

But looks like things are looking bright now that you two will be together soon. Good luck with visa issues, hope it isn't too bad. Keep strong:)

At 7:44 AM, Blogger Bidi-K said...

sinusoidally: yup. being strong... see the muscles :)) esp. the heart ones.
just that bureaucracy is frustrating!!!
hope you two get together soon too, and thanks for the support.


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