Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Can you tell I am going to Germany :))

The national obsession...

PLEASE please please, DO SEE THIS

and off to Frankfurt I'll go!

Got My Visa!!! Yahooooooooooo!!! Yay, Yay, and more Yay!!! Will really live with the husband now...
" BIG Smile" !

No more of that awesome freedom, no more long drives at night alone, and no more reading a book without an attention craving brat peering over my shoulder, and I am still smiling.... crazy or what? :)) Ok, Ok I Am Kidding (maybe, ;)). Time to really be married, Sigh!

Monday, November 28, 2005

I love long weekends

Such a laaaazy weekend! Was a shameless couch potato throughout except when glimpses of a lovely sky through the living room window drew me out to the freezing patio outside... this is what it looked like. Beautiful isn't it?

Days come by
The narrow bridge of time
Fades slowly
Takes with it words
That were commonly spoken

These yesterdays
They mean much
Yet another birthday
Of the chosen loved one.

A heaven of truth
Coeval of trust
For a couple of months
A day for longing
To be with you.

A special day for me
My love turned a
year older
And added a year to
being together
The concept "us"

There is a lot
That has been redefined
In the years
I wanted to make it
Your day love.

I wanted to deliver
I owe it to life
A kiss every hour
A hug every 10 minutes.

I miss you
I wish you return
Soon enough
to Celebrate.

-- from K to B.

Friday, November 25, 2005

And since I am awake at these unearthly hours reading blogs and putting up mine, I notice the TV space crowded by paid ads. There's one thing that I always find puzzling about them - why do these people who want to convince me to buy their "awesomest out-of-the-world" powertool have to scream so much?? And talk at Breakneck speed? You are on TV for God's sake, not in the middle of NY city trying to get some construction worker's attention!!! OK, time to shut off the TV and go to sleep :)


It Was Thanksgiving. And now with bellies full, and family fights under the belt, its time to shop! Shops all across the US will wake up at 6am or earlier, ready with coffee and bagels, distributing lists of things that the crowds waiting outside MUST buy. A look into the crowd reveals normal faces, a couple or a family with mum and dad and 3 kids and also the grandmom or granddad (left the dog at home), or just the father and son combo and so on. Once the doors open, it will be a different story - the human faces disappear, and instead appear encounters of the worst capitalistic kind... a man with a glazed look in his eyes wheeling a huge shopping cart with 5 DVD players (but they were only $15!), 3 cameras, 4 mp3 players... the hunt is on!! Its like the ultimate horror show - this cascade of humans that attack shops at unearthly hours of the morning groping around for things they don't need, physically harming others of the same species should they (watch out!) ever get in the way! We know that there are many faces of America. And to me, this is the one of the frightening ones.... chockful of irony! Just the day after the country celebrates its biggest festival to honor family and traditions, the buying frenzy begins. Isn't it disturbing that instead of spending the next day lazing around with their family, they chose to waste it in frivolous capitalistic propaganda? Or is it that they are afraid that if they do spend the extra time, they might not be on talking terms with most of the clan for the next 2 years? Whatever it is, at the end of it all, its just sad... Sad that the newest X-Box is going to earn much higher brownie points with your kids than if you spent that long weekend just Beeeiing with them. And at this point, nothing brings on a smirk like that Citibank Ad (who else can inform us of what money cannot buy)... the irony and the aptness.

Monday, November 21, 2005

the Pedal Boat expedition

Very Very impressive

A week begins, albeit a short one. Its also the time for the annual Inhouse, where all the lab heads give talks telling people what kind of research is being done, and basically is a forum to attract graduate students as well as a summary of interesting past research and future directions. Due to expanding number of researchers at CSHL, they now vary the speakers, and this time they also included Jim Watson as one of them. And the attendance was big, 'cos its always expected to be an entertaining talk. He talked about some rules - of a graduate student, postdoc, when you start a lab and so on. Didn't agree with a lot of points, though some made sense. Also liked some of the political incorrectness, not all.... :)

One of the things he said is something that I find so true, yet people outside of science don't seem to realise ever so often, is that Science is such a social subject. If you don't want to communicate to other scientists or to other people discussing what you do, its just hard to do the work. A lot of people seem to have the impression that scientists are in their own world, isolated and socially inept, but in the current day world, it doesn't seem to hold true. Most people do this out of love for what they do, and they love to speak out. There are several cases when the ones who don't like being with people or think that its impossible to explain what they do to the general public, can't stay in it for too long. Because at the end of it all, we use public money to do what we love and we owe it to everybody to share that excitement and the advances, and build a social support to carry on doing research.

Other random things - work for yourself and not for your advisor, choose a advisor not above 35 :), and don't restrict study to just the thesis, go beyond it... oh and also, don't be the smartest person in a room..that way you don't learn anything.

The rest of the talks are terribly serious and to the point. Change of pace.... and so much to cover.

a November night

Am home after a long time. And am staying put for the next 4 weeks! Uuuuufff, really really tired with all the wanderings - first it was Neuroscience (was at Washington DC this year), and then an interview at McGill, Montreal. Have been away for the last 10 days and so happy to put up my feet once more, did I mention that already? :)

Beautiful night, clear sky, fresh air and cold cheeks... the sky is black and lit with jewels, Mercury shining with its peculiar orange glow, and I am happy.

One more year gone, and a beautiful year to come. Phone calls and wishes, Shubho Jonmodin.

Monday, November 07, 2005

The last 3 days

Have been some of the most beautiful days in my life. I will elaborate in the next few posts because right now I am soooooooooooooo tired!!! Just need to sleep! I was at the NY marathon today cheering for friends, and I will post the pictures soon. It was in one word - Inspiring! One day, Kaushik and I will do it. One more to the list of to do things in my life :)