Sunday, December 11, 2005

Gold and Dumplings

A wonderful girls day out yesterday - Sandy, Helen, me and Graz. I have a huge crick on the neck meaning that I can't turn my head to the left, so no driving for me... Helen drove us, first to Flushing where super-hungry us ate some lovely pork dumplings, house-special Congee (has shrimp,ginger,scallions,fried dough), and noodle soup with shrimp and watercress dumplings. Yumm... Feel hungry again! I am seriously hoping that there is some small corner of Frankfurt which has authentic chinese food, otherwise I will feel so deprived (Note: Not the german-made so-called authentic chinese, now that is scary)!

We then took subway7 to Jackson Heights where Sandy, enamored by all the gold-laden windows, wanted a tiny part of it on her wrist. A lot of bargaining (in Bangla by me, am proud of myself!) yielded a lovely intricately-worked gold bracelet at a price that made Sandy happy and high on gold for the day. Helen then wanted some fabric and we got some lovely material for curtains and a scarf, and some cushion covers as Christmas gifts. Bought some hindi movie DVDs for myself (part of plan to torture K), and then we were all hungry! Oh and in the meantime, had 'mishti paan' and were walking about with our mouths full. Peered into some more gold shops to find a pendant for Helen but soon gave up, and went into Roti-Boti to get some amazing Seekh-kebab, Shami-kebab and Naan. Since we had to take it back home to share for dinner we decided not to carry the goat curry for fear of spills, which was such a pity. Got the sweets from Alauddin sweets - they make the best 'kaalojaam' and 'roshogolla' nearest Long Island. After which the satisfied us went back to Flushing, to eat scrumptious pork buns, buy tons of TenRen tea at Hong-Kong supermarket (fears of being deprived!), and succumbed to some lovely Japanese Kafuh-made cups.

Got home, put our feet up and consumed the delicious food all the while conversing about the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and Dr.Atkins, the matrix and the white rabbit, great stuff! I always seem to be a little out-of-date when people talk of the world, and all the things they know. So mostly quiet and very contented, I learnt some more. Wished K an enjoyable stay in Siberia (thats where he will be, all of next week), and then smiling, went on my way to sleep :)


At 4:09 PM, Blogger M (tread softly upon) said...

Looks like someone had a really enjoyable weekend. Your post just made me hungry.

At 7:45 AM, Blogger Bidi-K said...

m - yes it made me hungry too :) while writing it.


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