Monday, December 05, 2005

Home-made Christmas tree

My first waking moment today was looking out of my bedroom window to see a beautiful white wonderland. Snow clung to the pine branches, and they nudged my window sill as if to chuckle at this lazy being sleeping so late into a Sunday morning.

Another great weekend, centered around home, hearth, and friends! Its being increasingly brought home to me that I will be leaving soon and will miss terribly this beautiful house and the family I live with. Something the Bonn house family loves to do each year is to make ornaments for our Christmas tree - the Bonn house Christmas tree. The first year was an awkward mix of Ikea-bought and "us-made" decorations but over the past three years in our child-like enthusiasm for "us-made" ornaments we have made our tree an exclusive showpiece of Bonn house family artistry. Well we think its artistry anyways :)). But more than anything else, its a reason to spend an evening all together, sprawled on the living room carpet with expressions of intense concentration, wielding mostly clumsy but sometimes surprisingly dexterous fingers, sighing with satisfaction when a shape comes right or just laughing gleefully at the mess, trying to guess each other's creations, eating chocolate cookies and breathing in heart-warming fun! And after we sculpt the shapes - mythical and otherwise :), we bake them till they are translucent solids in our aging oven which cheerfully misinforms the temperature. After years of practice we hoped this year to make it exactly right and we nearly got there, at least our fantastical 'Fimo' figures were not uniformly brown!

My Bonn house family!

Working and taking a break :)

The men who were paying more attention to the Hulk!

Towards a grand plan!

We then put up our pre-lit tree and had fun sorting through the hopelessly entangled last years' decorations and the freshly made new ones. It was so much fun, and by coincidence we had this TV channel with Christmas songs playing in the background while we were happily pottering about putting our handicrafts on our very friendly little Christmas tree transforming her (yes, its her :)), into the homey, glowing, warm Bonn-house delight who fills us with such joy each year.

Decorating our Christmas tree!

Jest-waltzing through!

Witching through the flower moon ;)

Nightmare before Christmas?

The snowman and his gift.

Only a superwoman can put up a superstar!

Happy Jolly us!

Dreamy... and Wishing...


At 6:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bidisha

So you have been having a really nice time and enjoying yourself in these ways. I am happy for you. Enjoy your stay in NY what is left. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year . I like the style in which you write.

Hassan Majhboor.

At 8:43 AM, Blogger Brood Mode said...

looks like so much fun! Have a gr8 time

At 8:37 PM, Blogger Bidi-K said...

Hassan Majhboor: I do think I know who you are..definitely not Hassan M.. Will phone soon, and call the bluff :)!

brood mode: yes it was fun, but its also the last time we will be together in this house, so it was a bitter-sweet evening.


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