Saturday, December 17, 2005

My waking world for now ...

blazes one word - PACKING!!! Thats all I do, get up and pack, eat and pack, do experiments and pack, in sleep I dream about what goes in which suitcase, someone help me. Its definitely not fun to move.

- Books sent - almost! (am finding more and more precious ones, that I think should not be entrusted to the cruel postal world that may engulf them)
- Bags- weigh a ton (all those books, aaaaaaaaargh!)
- Clothes - I never knew I had so many (so why do I wear those old pair of jeans and that sweatshirt forever?)
- Paintings in frames - have to be left behind (heart-breaking)
and why do I love Japanese pottery so much (I can't leave that behind...please please don't break)
- I seem to have my biotech notes from long ago too ... that was my handwriting? pages and pages full of it, all in ink pen, I remember the Sheaffer's..Oh I still have it! Yay!
- And my BSc certificate dwarfing the rest! Was it the hardest? :)

As I pack, I am assaulted by so many memories, oh that sweater I got in my first year in Macy's at 48 cents (yes I did!, it was a major first yr grad student achievement, was a nice one too), those emails that I printed out from K - we've come such a long way!, that picture from my first place in the US (we called it the UN - all different countries), my car title (Yay, found it!), my old learner's permit (ah, those first few steps), all the cassettes I got when I came (they were the treasures I bought when I was in Powai going across the city to buy them), the first Broadway musical ticket, pictures of my first trip in the US (to annie's LA), wedding gifts from the class reunion just before I left for India, my first Neuroscience abstract book....

.... each an ocean of memories. I am scratching the back of the phone card and there are so many numbers, I need them all to be complete, to make that call, the call home. and I realise that the numbers are there, in me, its the memories, and they make me their home. And I can carry them wherever I want without a suitcase.

But for now, maybe this suitcase is too small to fit that last book in!


At 2:15 AM, Blogger sinusoidally said...

You are really leaving. I rememner saving so many things before I moved and then I just had to let it hard it was I am glad I did it coz there was no place to keep it.

Your email thing reminded me that I had this whole printed stack of emails that my fiance wrote to me when we used to live away from each other. But then one day he got me so mad I put then all in the shredder. I repent to this day...

Happy packing! Sending you good vibes over the internet.

At 7:09 AM, Blogger Bidi-K said...

Thanks Sines, need all those good vibes :) yes, i still have all the emails, cards and letters from K... in my moment of anger, i had deleted the electronic copy which i so regret now, since it would have so much easier to transport!

At 7:57 AM, Blogger Joy Forever said...

Lovely write-up... I only read it now. What you said about clothes and books is so true. While moving there's no end to the clothes, and then, everyday while going out you feel that you have nothing to wear. And books are my weak point too. I can leave other things behind, but not books...


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