Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The world of Narnia

Watched 'The lion, the witch and the wardrobe' and I liked it...not as much as the book but quite close. From the time it opened or even before, there were huge outcries about the Christian allegories and how churches in America are giving free tickets to families to go and see the movie, and all this had put me off seeing the screen adaptation till I realised that I simply didn't care! When I first read the book, I didn't have a thing on my mind except the joy of reading a wonderful adventure-filled series crafted with imagination and detail about the beautiful, magical land of Narnia. Baba had first got 'Prince Caspian' from Powell's during a trip to Chicago, and from then on I was hooked. I completed the series as and when I found another one, and so it was a fairly spread-out reading experience that "blind-bat" me never associated with religion. And that is why inspite of the blatant symbolism in the movie such as Aslan giving his life for Edmund's betrayal, the cracked stone table, Aslan's resurrection, I remained quite untouched by it all and could focus on the magical story taking life in front of my eyes. The movie is a beautiful adaptation of the book. The greatest triumph is Aslan, he is what I imagined and more. As a child, my favorite wish was to ride on Aslan's back, and the movie made me itch to do so. He is magnificient, golden and deep, with fur you ache to touch, filling the screen with his power. I loved the fawn, and the beavers too... palpalable in their excitement for change in Narnia. Tilda Swinton as the Witch is perfect - so icy cold, you shiver. Battle scenes are replete with talking beasts, red and gold flags, glittering armour, and the beautiful centaur! Replaying in my mind are scenes from the movie - the war in London, all those children on the platform, the huge old house and the professor (very well-played by Jim Broadbent), the children (sullen Edmund, the too-practical Susan, too-responsible Peter, and small Lucy), the huge and beautiful wardrobe, fur coats giving way to snow-laden branches, the lamp-post, shy Mr.Tumnus who invites Lucy to tea and plays the lullaby of Narnia, the witch in her carriage, Edmund greedily chomping Turkish delight, the Beaver's house, the Witch's icy castle with its eerie courtyard of statues, flight to Cair Parvel, getting gifts for the battle on the way, Narnia budding beautiful greeny from all-whitey, the Talking trees, the Talking beasts, and Aslan. His sacrifice, the Witch, Peter and Centaur in battle, the beautiful Phoenix, Aslan's resurrection, and the glorious ride across Narnia on his back... into battle. The coronation, reigning in beautiful Cair Parvel, and then Narnian years later back to England.

Whew, a beautiful ride, waiting for more, please.

And next I Want to watch/Need to watch - King Kong, and Brokeback Mountain!


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