Friday, January 13, 2006

Taaza khabar

I am off to Athens in less than 12 hours for the weekend! ... last minute decision, just got tickets today, thrilled to bits and jumping up and down in excitement ... K has some training and I will be happy to explore. Taking my umbrella, walking shoes and will endeavour to capture the city in wide-eyed awe. Woo hoo, will blog about it soon :)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

So far, in between

I have been procrastinating such a lot that its been life like that for quite a while. Its the longest time away from my blog and it will be even longer when I go to India to visit parents and family this month. I am quite looking forward to going after ages, its been almost 2 years since the last trip..which to me is ages!

The house is almost complete, I will post some pictures soon. In the crazy schedule I am in, very little apart from going to the shops, cleaning, installing the furniture and random dinners, are conciously done. I am so ready to start work as soon as I come back. Lots of new experiences happened and I already like Frankfurt quite a bit. Its small, very manageable, not overwhelming at all inspite of its financial label, and the people are quick to smile. As an aside, the only people who do not smile back are the South Asians, and I really wonder why. I was in this shop the other day waiting in line for something, and there was this couple right behind me talking in Hindi, and I just turned back and smiled at them (didn't mean to start a conversation or anything unless they did), and in return got a huge stare back starting from the tip of my toes to the top of my head with the feeling in their eyes that said, who do you think you are..just because you maybe another Indian you expect us to smile...well, why not? Its a weird feeling that's been repeated so many times with the South Asian faces, and now I don't even bother. But with the Bangladeshis its different, they don't smile either but if you start to speak Bangla, they melt. Its a conversation from long are you in Frankfurt, have you liked it so far, their experiences and so on, but somehow nothing is imposed on you after the conversation which is a nice thing. Sometimes conversations do tend to go to areas you would rather not reveal, but so far that hasn't happened, and I do like speaking Bangla since I never get to speak it at home, or anywhere else except with my parents.

I feel too lazy to actually write about Frankfurt right now, there are numerous observations stored, and it will be another post soon. In the meantime, I am reading in bits and pieces and today I re-read some Ogden Nash who is undoubtedly a master poet. Here is one of his -

There is an emotion to which we are most of us adduced,
But it is one I refuse to boost,
It is harrowing, browbeating, and brutal,
Besides which it is futile.
I am referring, of course,
To remorse.
Remorse is a violent dyspepsia of the mind,
But is very difficult to treat because it cannot even be defined,
Because everything is not gold that glisters and everything is not a tear that glistens,
And one man's remorse is another man's reminiscence,
So the truth is that as far as improving the world is concerned, remorse is a duffer,
Because the wrong people suffer,
Because the very fact that they suffer from remorse proves they are innocuous,
Yes indeed, it is the man remorse passes over completely who is the virulent streptococcuous.
Do you think when Nero threw a martyr to the lions remorse enveloped him like an affinity?
Why, the only remorse in the whole Colosseum was felt by the martyr who was reproaching himself for having dozed through the sermon on the second Sunday after Trinity.
So I think remorse ought to stop biting the consciences that feed it,
And I think the Kremlin ought to work out some plan for taking it away from those who have it to those who need it.

From "A clean conscience never relaxes" by Ogden Nash.