Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A quiet evening at home

I am in the mood for photoblogging, these were taken yesterday. Also, m's comment reminds me to transfer the few photos taken in India to my computer from K's. A relaxed evening after a long while, peaceful and quiet.

Our apartment, As you enter-

Our living space- the usual perch, where we eat, a corner to read.

The bedroom and the kitchen -

And finally... K reading Harry Potter at last.... a sight to be captured in memory :))

Monday, February 27, 2006


As S's car sped along the deserted 5am roads of Bombay, the chaiwallahs were already busy with their early morning customers. K begged to stop for one hot cuppa, and clutching it sang praises of all the roadside stalls that he had visited in his years in the city. This was a short break on the way from Kolkata to Germany. Luckily we were allowed to come out for just a short while in Bombay, and S duly obliged with a night ride. There is nothing like Bombay in this whole wide world. If there is one city I had to chose to live in, it would be Bombay. But sometimes choices are not what life can give but then there are vacations, and the nightrides with friends that spell family. Back through immigration and security, in the lounge and inside the plane, when it hovered over the lights of Bombay, the Queens' necklace clearly visible, it was a silent good bye, and a no-dreams flight straight into Frankfurt. A pretty empty airline with a whole row to stretch out in, comfortable yet numb. And finally walking into a colorless airport which felt sterile clean and cold. Missed something, yet could use the bathroom without checking. Such is life.