Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Blank Noise Project Blog-a-thon

Many years ago, since I certainly want to forget, there were incidents that dictated how I behaved in a public space, almost as if every part of me was alive to attack. It was not concious but subconcious and even now every trip back on a Bombay train, a Delhi bus or a walk on the streets of India brings on that subconcious prickling. The Blank Noise Project addresses the secrets that almost every woman I know of has faced, and in some cases the men I know have faced them too. A commendable effort with pieces by people that silence my own experiences into nothing though they still live on my mind. There have been many times with the incidents replayed and a very angry boyfriend at the end of it, but when that moment ends all that is left is the feeling of nausea, wishing it would all come out in puke, bitter though it maybe. But the throat remains clogged, the fist clenched, and the anger spills with even more distrust. This is the reality being addressed in an effort by the Blog-a-thon organised by people at the Blank Noise Project. And in silence I read the many voices that speak of similar experiences, and much more besides. In some ways for all these voices, Thank You.

Long P.S. Stunning experiences down in writing -
:Annie at the Known Turf - (what does one say after reading this)
:Megha's short story - (well, it happened to me, not an IIT guy but a brother of an aquaintance, and I was 11).
:Roshan Paul's perspective - (experience 1- faced it and even now have nightmares about it; experience 2 - chilling to say the least)
:Neha's point at Within/Without as well as Shoefiend's experiences - "It is silence that binds us", so very true, and that is why acknowledging the problem and facing up to it is at least the first step, along with actually voicing out the truth about what happens to women on the streets of the world. It is not simply India, though the frequency with which it is faced is tremendously scary, it also happens in other cities, other countries (there would be no Law and Order-SVU otherwise). And the question still remains, Why? But, Why?
I happened to relive all the memories last night, and today morning passed in a blur. I had to write, and face the nightmares again. I still don't know how helpful it will be, but I had to do it. It had to come out. Like all others who have faced the past all their lives.


At 2:19 PM, Blogger Vijay said...

Blank Noise Project was a wonderful drive to bring out the opinions into the public domain.

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At 3:35 PM, Blogger Bidi-K said...

thanks for visiting, vijay.


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