Friday, April 21, 2006

A wonderful sense of laziness today. No work, pure break, so rare. Kids are playing outside in the sun, small girls whispering to each other, small boys falling off their bicycles showing off in particular to this one small girl and I am watching it all from the 3rd floor balcony. In the first floor apartment opposite, an old lady with a young couple sit down to eat and chat and their laughter floats gently into the sunshine. Varied food smells that waft from surrounding houses make my mouth water inspite of the fact that I have no further space in my tummy. In most of the Balkans as well as in Ukraine and Russia, followers of the Greek Orthodox church celebrate their Easter weekend. There is a pervading sense of holiday in the air, yet I know its not actually holiday for me but a brief snatch at time. Its the same feeling that I had when I had to prepare for exams in Mar-Apr, when the weather in Delhi was just perfect and one still managed to get out to play in the long lazy afternoons, staying up late in the night to study. Its as if I am almost expecting that the night sky today will be filled with sounds of revelry from nearby JNU hostels celebrating their hostel nights in such idealic weather, while a lone teenager struggles with numericals in physics. I didn't mind those nights before exams then, and somehow I think I wouldn't mind such nights in Germany that give me that past feeling all over again. Such nights when you can leave the balcony open and dream of a fragrant past ensconsed in a pleasurable present are too rare not to enjoy when you can find them... Just for a while.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

This is so completely random. I was thinking so much of "Rosy is my relative" today... wish I had it with me here. Sometimes I need to read my old favorites :) its a huge urge. Will have to hunt down some Gerald Durrell books now!

In the meantime my German residence permit seems to have been approved which means that I can get out of this country when I feel like it...what freedom! I had a scheduled talk at a meeting at CSHL yesterday which I couldn't go to simply because of this delay in bureaucracy (they really don't seem to have heard of faxes, email or such), and then just on the day of the talk I receive the approval letter from the Ausländeramt, talk about timing or rather the lack of it,...aaaarghh! But at least I will get it and really with that, I am relieved.

p.s. resident visa done, am safe for the next year. Also its our 3rd anniversary on the 21st i.e. tomorrow, and a card has already arrived from my favorite cousin. It somehow always matters that people remember or is it that because they remember, it matters... whatever it is the card made my day :) So little to make one happy.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Belated Shubho Noboborsho greetings. It was a long Easter weekend here and we are spoilt at the end of it. Its so hard getting back to a work schedule... but another weekend is fast approaching. I wish all weekends were 4 day affairs :) Meanwhile, the weather is absolutely gorgeous, spring has been here for almost a fortnight - fresh buds on trees, fresh green undergrowth carpeting the ground, birdsong every morning and nights that are made for after-dinner walks. Reminds me of mild winter evenings in Delhi when our small family used to have an early dinner, Baba would then take his torch, lock the house with this huge key and we would all step out into the fresh air for a night walk. We would meet all known faces, uncles, aunties and fellow playmates also out for a stroll, and the entire venture would turn out to be one more social gathering. I would never want the walks to end and would keep pleading Baba to take the long route home, but of course with parents being tired after their long day we would be back home all too soon. Its different here, though the walks can go on there are no familiar faces on the way. Most streets are deserted in anticipation of an early morning start, but this we find adds to their charm. K and I hum our old favorites as we meander around the dark cobbled streets, find a new bike path and discover yet another potential shortcut to the main station. This is the best part of the day for us and with summer just around the corner, daylight may soon accompany us on these night time sojourns. Methinks we need a holiday soon!