Thursday, April 20, 2006

This is so completely random. I was thinking so much of "Rosy is my relative" today... wish I had it with me here. Sometimes I need to read my old favorites :) its a huge urge. Will have to hunt down some Gerald Durrell books now!

In the meantime my German residence permit seems to have been approved which means that I can get out of this country when I feel like it...what freedom! I had a scheduled talk at a meeting at CSHL yesterday which I couldn't go to simply because of this delay in bureaucracy (they really don't seem to have heard of faxes, email or such), and then just on the day of the talk I receive the approval letter from the Ausländeramt, talk about timing or rather the lack of it,...aaaarghh! But at least I will get it and really with that, I am relieved.

p.s. resident visa done, am safe for the next year. Also its our 3rd anniversary on the 21st i.e. tomorrow, and a card has already arrived from my favorite cousin. It somehow always matters that people remember or is it that because they remember, it matters... whatever it is the card made my day :) So little to make one happy.


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