Sunday, July 30, 2006

its monday morning

Friday, July 28, 2006

1st tag, 100th post, random notes

First a random note - writing for fellowships depresses me... am really not fellowship material :) in other words, busy.. in the meanwhile parents are here and I come home to good hot cooked food everyday. This may cease soon when they go places from here. So nice to have them around, and talk, since the last trip to India was spent more with relatives than with them. Will never make that mistake again.

And finally... the tag. Its never too late or is it?

I am thinking about ... how to excite single neurons with light and look at the response in the connected ones, yes I am at work!
I said ... 'gesundheit' to a fellow labmate 2 seconds ago
I want to ... go out and smell the fresh earth, it just rained after 5 stifling hot days
I wish ... for a fully loaded children's library with books in English ( I live in Germany remember!) to magically appear nextdoors
I hear ... voices in my head constructing sentences right now
I wonder ... when the heck is my next vacation?
I regret ... that I never did take those singing lessons as a kid
I am ... extremely goofy when I am with close friends
I dance ... with pleasure, but sometimes self-conciously
I sing ... blues well, and high-pitched hindi songs pretty badly.
I cry ... each and every time I watch a well-done sad/sentimental movie scene.
I am not always ... myself in company
I make with my hands ... what I simply cannot with my feet!
I write ... without thinking much
I confuse ... people into thinking that I am too serious
I need ... a hug from K everyday when I come home from work, and to go to an old book store every now and then and breathe that air, then I am happy.

there, its over before I knew it! Passed on to Greatbong (who has complained that people don't think of tagging him), Nomita (first-timer), Dweep (he might have fun :), and Sines (if she does get the time).

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sitting in an AC room all day learning something that I already know. Sniffing at frequent intervals, and nearly strangling myself trying not to cough. Surving through pure willpower, water and Ricola. Longing to come home. I do. K meets me at the station and tells me of what happened in Mumbai today. The day just dropped to its lowest. Sadness and Silence. Thoughts and Prayers. For the city and its people.

Check MumbaiHelp.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My dream job

There is always hope!
(link in title)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

and in the World Cup

And Whats Happening?... Surprise after surprise at the World Cup! I don't think anybody thought that Brazil would lose to France. Almost 80% of the people in Frankfurt+visitors (my impression) sported Brazil T-shirts or carried the flag and they all have stunned expressions on their faces as we come back home on the tram. What an upset! .... though I feel that France played so much better than Brazil today that they deserved to win.
In the other match I was supporting Portugal.. wearing their colours and all, and I am so glad they won, though I still don't see how seasoned players can miss a penalty not because the goalkeeper stops the ball but because the ball is not on its way between the two poles at all!
Also glad about the Germany and Italy wins... this World Cup is quite turning out to be of my liking, though I would've liked Brazil to be up there too.

Update: July4 - Haha, Italy wins the first semi... they truly deserved to.. what a thrilling finish! Their dribbling was awesome to watch (though they run so much slower than the germans), and they missed some chances, but they finally converted 2 of them. Germany played abysmally, goals went wide and where were the finishers? This nation is in mourning.