Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We have the apartment, Yay! We saw some 15 apartments, 5 on one day and 10 on another, out of which we liked 5 and applied for them. We got the responses yesterday, and one included the one we really liked. That makes things so much easier, and the good thing is that so many more people speak english, so I don't have to struggle with my german, and so could avoid telling them things that don't mean anything when translated. So, packing starts now!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I just wish that things could happen on their own. Getting another visa, finding an apartment, the right insurance, packing and moving on, while one could sit comfortably and watch it all happening while reading a book! Alas for poor researchers and their equally poor but awesomely busy husbands, things only work out when they push, shove and make their way to the next step. I am in one word - Stressed!!!

And as always whenever I am stressed I do random things like this:

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