Monday, March 26, 2007

There is no internet at home, and the packed boxes almost reach the ceiling in our bedroom. This moving business is never-ending with delays and bumps that are inherent to the process. But its all good, this time there are 2 of us doing it, and yesterday with the sun shining down us and the songs of our courting playing loudly in the background, we were so relaxed, and smiling at the piles of cardboard before us. Today is reserved for dismantling all the 101 bookcases that comprise our furniture, and tommorrow is the designated panic day where we find all the small but supremely important things that we've managed to leave out, before the truck comes and puts us out of this packing misery, and flings us into the unpacking madness thereafter. I doubt there will be any posts before we get our internet set up in Basel, till then take care.

All this makes me remember my last packing experience less than 2 years ago. I hope the next time lies further away!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

sometimes i think of what it is that makes me the best kind of happy, and then i find that that feeling in the world comes to me only on a sunday which has all of the following:

a. waking up with the sun on my face, and following it through one room to another through the day.
b. talking to family with the morning sun as company.
c. laying sprawled with a book, with K reading alongside similiarly sprawled in the afternoon sun, the sounds of children playing a few floors below as a steady hum.
d. almost stretching like Hobbes and watching the sun on its way down, as it paints the sky with sublime and violent shades of colour with each step of its descent.
e. leaning out of the balcony and watching the lights come on in the nearby buildings one by one, breathing in the air slowly and watching all the shades of darkening blue in the sky, till they become black.
f. drifting in and out of these states with pauses, till finally sleep comes.

tomorrow is monday.
and now that i think about it, a sunday without c is no sunday for me at all.