Wednesday, June 27, 2007

barely breathing

Feels like I have been away forever. Its not really the settling time or anything but rather a lack of motivation for all things. The apartment has been ready for quite some time and we really feel at home now. Its an old building where we live, our balcony faces the same backyard square as do quite a few other balconies, we can hear the churchbells ring every hour and on weekends one can hear the Italian across singing soulful ballads at the top of his voice in competition to the songs playing on his stereo. Some nearby apartment seems inhabited by a bunch of Punjabis whom we can hear jabbering away at lunchtime, and then there are children screaming away in the evening playing in the backyard square. These sounds of living were unexpected since our house contract and people's experiences made us cautious about making much noise, but the joys of finding it otherwise in our small corner makes me feel like I am home again.