Saturday, November 03, 2007

Update One

All my wishful thinking comes to naught. We will be moving again early next year, to Montreal, Canada. And just this once I am so looking forward to the move. This year and the next promises to be more of the roller-coaster life has been ever since K and I have been together. At times I feel its never going to end... and I do want to settle a bit! Not to be boring or anything but... too much moving is not good for the back, you know. Anyways I have been so hopeless that in the mad rush of running around, trying to get things done at work and getting papers ready for the next step, I have clean forgotten all festivals this year. So before I forget, a belated Shubho Bijoya and an early Diwali wish, because who knows when I get the time and inclination to sit down again. I have been mentally composing posts meanwhile, supposedly witty and at times whimsical ones, but I can't remember any of them anymore.

Before the end of the year we have to file for the visa and make a trip to India which is long overdue but will comprise of a mere 10 days, then we come back, try to sell stuff and hope that things move smoothly through the transition. I am a knot these days, so tied up and feeling so restricted in all dimensions. I will be happy to breathe in some Indian air and see some other colours very soon. Can't wait. And in the meantime I am filing away all our books on Shelfari, its pretty cool.