Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Life in Montreal...

.... is simply great, especially now that summer is here. Or I should say summer is almost here. There are days that are sprinkled with enough sunlight to make me happy, but mostly in the past week its been dark and rainy. Good for movie days and nights, or lying sprawled with a book.

Our apartment is in beautiful shape finally. This has simply been one of the longest settling-in's ever... and thats how we know that we have friends here. Almost every evening was spent outside, giving us hardly anytime to ourselves or to unpack our 101 boxes of burden. In addition, everytime we were in Ikea I was distracted by all the things that we didn't need, driving K insane, but finally.. finally I was back to the ground, and now we have a pad for ourselves and for family and friends to visit us in Montreal. All this happened just before K left for Frankfurt and Warsaw for another work related trip, so he is now across the Atlantic filling himself with all the sausages, beer and döner kebab that he misses in his beloved Germany :).. ok I am sort of kidding, but not really.

Food is super here. We live in an immigrant zone in Montreal where there are more Greeks, Russians, Lebanese than Quebecois, and 5 minutes from home is this row of varied eating places, that we kind of toss a coin for choosing which one, almost every other night. The people are friendly too, and not at all politically correct*. Its refreshing almost. The other part of North America. Never dreamed about being here, but now that I am (we are), its comfortable.

* well... so long as you don't joke about Quebec independence, or about Montreal Canadiens!

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